This course is intended primarily to teach students to analyze and solve problems effectively in computer programming. Topics include: Problem Solving – Analysis, Solution, Computer Algorithm.  Programming Language Syntax and Semantics.  Algorithm Design and Implementation using Conventional Programming Techniques.  Data Types.  Elementary Data Structures.  Extensive Programming Activities Using a Modern Programming Language, such as C or C++.

Pre-requisite: None

This course introduces project management techniques for technology implementation projects. Topics include: Structured Methodology to Specify System Requirements - Study and Practice. Evaluate Alternatives to Fulfill System Requirements. Design Systems that Meet Requirements. Introduction to Project Management Techniques for Technology implementation. Managing the Ongoing Operation of Systems. Basic Concepts and Techniques used in Systems Analysis.

Pre-requisite: CMPS1171 - Introduction to Databases

This course seeks to familiarize students with various data structures. Topics include: Abstract Data Types (ADTs); implementation of data types as data structures using Object-Oriented Programming; advanced file processing; static and dynamic data structures; recursion; sorting and searching methods; and elements of trees and graphs.

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 Students will learn how to develop a complete website and make it available on the Internet. Topics include: Development of Basic Web Applications - HTML and CSS. The HTTP Client/Server Protocol. Client and Server Scripting for Web Applications. Website Development and Posting on the Internet.